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Vascular Disorders, and Soft Tissue Injuries

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 Advanced Rehab Technologies, Inc. has provided Durable Medical Equipment for over 23+ years. During this time we have provided specialty equipment to over 5500 patients, equipment to hospitals and clinics. We are accredited by JCAHO, the Joint Commission On Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. Our highly valued reputation is for assisting medical professionals with the most difficult to treat patients and complicated cases when other companies can't help. We specialize in products that treat Lymphedema, Vascular Disorders and Soft Tissue injuries.


Lymphedema can not be cured; but with the right Equipment and Treatment Plan; it can be Effectively Managed.

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Our Mission is to enrich the lives of our patients by treating and restoring hope for those living with lymphedema.  We strive to improve the lives of people we touch by understanding their condition. We don't see ourselves as providers of equipment, but as providers of a solution to a problem. That is what we focus on, getting the patient better.


Key Benefits of using us:

Personalized Service

Years of Experience & Expertise



Tip of the Week:


We are always getting calls about the boots / sleeves not feeling up with air. Usually, the main problem is that the connector bar has become dislodged because there was tension on the bar. It is an easy fix. Just squeeze the ends and push it back on to the pump.


Sometimes the hose will come off the nipple, the hose can be pushed back on sometimes and it will work fine. If you cannot get the hose on the nipple again or the nipple itself has snapped off, we have a fix for that.  A replacement connector bar. The hoses can be cut off the old connector bar and placed on the new connector bar. We can walk you threw the process if necessary. Just call for the connector bar kit, and or advice.

 If you are familiar with the Government's Privacy Act, this will make you laugh."


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