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High Volt Galvanic Stimulators:


The Micro-Z High Volt Galvanic Stimulator

The Micro-Z is a small, lightweight stimulator that allows
patients to receive electrotherapeutic treatment in comfort. 
It is programmed for two treatment protocols, the first is
a 30-minute daytime treatment and the second is an
eight-hour nighttime treatment that is administered while
the patient sleeps.  The Micro-Z can be used to treat acute
and chronic injuries, to treat sources of pain, to increase
circulation while improving range of motion, and to minimize
soft tissue atrophy and injury.  Its compact size and ease
Prizm's Electro-Mesh, Silver-Thera, and Stim-Support
garment electrodes, the Micro-Z offers opportunity for
rapid patient recovery.


One of the most frequently treated injuries from the workplace in the U.S. is carpal tunnel syndrome, comprising 48% of work related injuries. Current treatments include wrist splinting, anti-inflammatory drugs, or even surgery. These treatments can cost in excess of $25,000.  Prizm's products provide a cost effective non-surgical alternative to traditional medical methods of treatment.



- Variable treatment time from 15 minutes to 24 hours

- Pulse rate of 1-120 pulses per second (pps)

- High voltage, low amperage pulsed galvanic stimulation

- Intensity amplitude: 0-200 volts

- Wave form: Pulsed galvanic monophasic exponential spike with a fixed interpulse interval of 100 microseconds

 - Power supply: Two AAA batteries

- Weight:  Less than 2.5 ounces

- Dimensions:  2" x 2.4" x .65"

- Warranty: One year defective parts and labor


The Electro-Mesh™ garment electrodes Silver-Thera™ Stocking electrodes, and the Stim-Support™ :

Orthopedic products take an innovative path to pain relief
and healing.  Prizm's products uniquely differ from other
stimulation products on the market by enhancing circulation
in conjunction with soft bracing.  ( The Electro-Mesh
Garments are also available without the bracing units as
well. )This is achieved by using a low energy level
micro-stimulation, which not only increases circulation,
but also reduces swelling, thus dually treating the pain
sources.  The garment electrodes with the Micro-Z™ not
only provide increased circulation to the affected area but
also helps increase range of motion while increasing muscle
function.  Prizm's products have shown to be effective in treating sports related injuries, idiopathic pain, chronic pain such as RSD (Repetitive Sympathetic Dystrophy) and so on.


The Electro-Mesh Gloves

The Electro-Mesh Socks

The Electro-Mesh Garments come in Four Sizes.

Small to X-Large. Since the Micro-Z runs are a Direct Current, Patients need to have two garments. One for a Negative connection, and one garment for a positive connection. Usually,

A Glove or a Sock is used in conjunction with a sleeve.


The Electro-Mesh Back Brace:

This incorporates the Electro-Mesh material, with a firm back support. Comes in Five Sizes.

- Small fits 28"-32" waist.

- Medium fits 32"-36" waist.

- Large fits 36"-40" waist.

- X-Large fits 40"-44" waist.

- XX-Large fits 44"-49" waist.

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