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What is Pneumatic Compression Therapy?

Pneumatic Compression Therapy is an Aggressive, non-invasive, therapy of gradient, sequential compression used for the treatment and management of lymphaticand venous disorders. The therapy entails a physiologic milking action of the lymph-edematous limb(s).

Who is a Candidate for Pneumatic Compression Therapy?

1. Primary Lymphedema is related to a developmental abnormality in the lymphatic system.
A. Congenital (Milroy's Disease)
B. Proximal Obliteration
C. Distal Obliteration

2. Secondary Lymphedema is the most common form of Lymphedema. It usually occurs after surgical procedures.
A. Post-Mastectomy
B. Groin Dissection
C. Other limb surgical procedures

3. Venous Disorders
A. Chronic Venous Insufficiency
B. Crual Ulcers

What are the Benenfits of Pneumatic Compression Therapy?

By stimulating the lymphatic and venous systems, stagnant fluid is gently pushed through the vessels in the limbs. This allows thevenous system to reabsorb the fluids. Limb heaviness is reduced, and the possibilities for recurrent infections in the limb are also reduced.

How is the Cost of Pneumatic Compression Therapy Paid For?

Cost for the therapy modalities are covered if the patient carries private insurance, Medicare Part B, Blue Shield 65 Special, AARPor other supplemental insurance plans. Will we bill the insurance provider directly.

What are the Contraindications?

1. Non-compensated congestive heart failure.
2. Acute deep vein thrombosis of a recent nature.
3. Pulmonary edema.
4. Acute infection in the limb to be treated.

With all the Pneumatic Compression Therapy Pumps Available Today, How Will I Know Which One to Choose?

The pump selection is generally made by our staff. Selection is made with patient suitability first in mind. We take into consideration the patients individual situation, size of limb, ability to use a piece of equipment, etc.

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