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Management and Treatment Program for Lymphedema
Segmental Lymphedema Pumps

The new Bio-Compression 2004 OC is replacing the older Bio 2004 pump. The manufacture has done away with the pressure gauge and replaced it with a simple to use dial to adjust the pressure. The Sequential Circulator remains a 4 chamber gradient, sequential, pneumatic compression device, intended for the primary or adjunctive treatment of primary or secondary Lymphedema. The device is also used for the treatment of chronic venous stasis ulcers and associated venous insufficiency, as well as general treatment of swelling of the extremities. The SC-2004-OC is intended for home or hospital use.

Segmental Lymphedema Pumps

These pumps are much better than the non-segmental type pumps. They typically have three or four chambers that inflate sequentially. The sequential action of these pumps is much more effective than the inflation of a single chamber pump. Examples of these pumps are the Huntleigh Flowpress, and the Bio Compression 2004, and the Devon 5150 Pump..

Bio Compression 2004

The Bio Compression 2004 gradient, sequential, compression device is designed to treat primary or secondary lymphedema. The device is intended for the general treatment of swelling of the arms and legs as well as the alternate treatment of chronic venous stasis ulcers and associated venous insufficiency. The device is intended for home or hospital use.
• Reduces pain
• Reduces edema
• Mimics the lymphatic system
• Promotes lymphatic flow by moving fluid in the proper direction (from the hands and/or feet towards the heart)
• Stimulates circulation to promote wound healing
• Delivers continuous flow

The Bio Compression 2004 operates bilaterally, is lightweight, portable, easy-to-use, and cost-effective. This pumps big advantage is that it has a wide range of garments to accommodate a wide variety of patients. Every thing from Arm Sleeves ( Small, Medium and Large ) to Half and Full Leg Boots. (Lengths from 19 inches long to 36inches long.) Some have adjustable panels to fit even extra wide legs. Custom garment are also available.

Huntleigh FlowPress

The Huntleigh FlowPress is a Standard Sequential Segmental Compression Pump. It has three chambers, with garments that can be anywhere from 19 inches long to 36 inches long. The pump can use two garments at one time. It is a very simple pump to use, and has a long history of use the treatment of Lymphedema.

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