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Management and Treatment Program for Lymphedema

T.E.N.S. Unit

Our Standard T.E.N.S. unit. (Comes w/ a timer built in) TENS units are usually covered by Medicare, and most major insurance companies.

- Dual Channel
- Adjustable Timer
- Three Treatment Modes (Burst, Constant, Modulation)
- 3 way, Durable Metal Belt Clip
- Easy to use dials & controls
- Durable carrying case

Technical Specifications
- Channels: Dual, isolated between channels.
- Wave Form: Modified square wave with zero net (DC) component.
- Pulse Amplitude: 0 to 80mA each channel, adjustable (500 ohm load)
- Pulse Frequency: 2 to 150 Hz, adjustable.
- Pulse Width: 60 to 250 microseconds, adjustable.
- Modulation Mode: Pulse width is automatically varied in a cyclic pattern over an interval of nominally 4.0 seconds.
- Burst Mode: 7 pulses per burst, 2 bursts per second, 100Hz internal frequency of burst.
- Maximum Voltage: 100 volts, open circuit.
- Maximum Charge: 16 Microcoulombs per pulse.
- Power Source: 9 volt alkaline or rechargeable battery.
- Battery Life: 70 hours average usage (alkaline)
- Size: 24 x 64 x 95mm
- Weight: 130 grams (including battery)

We can also Special Order different brands on request.

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