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Management and Treatment Program for Lymphedema

Farrow Wraps, Juxta Lite CircAids, & CompreFits

Daily compression wrapping is a critical part of the treatment and management of lymphedema. Many lymphedema patients, however, find it incredibly difficult to properly wrap their legs consistently. This often leads to patient noncompliance and eventually causes their ymphedema to worsen with increased complications, swelling, draining wounds, more infections and substantially increased pain. Standard compression stockings are also mpossible for many patients to apply. In the years that we have been helping patients, the vast majority have compression stockings, but simply quit trying do the difficulty of putting them on.

New products recently developed and marketed provides a helpful solution to this situation.

These products are much easier put on than a standard compression stocking. They are adjustable, so you can minimize or increase the compression you receive from the garments.

These garments also are available for the upper extremity as well.

From the feedback we have had from a number of our lymphedema groups and in the main forums section of Lymphedema People, I give these new products a solid recommendation and two thumbs up.

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