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Management and Treatment Program for Lymphedema

Lymphedema Pumps

Non-segmental Lymphedema Pumps:

These are the simple Jobst 7000 pump, and the Huntleigh FlowPlus. They are the simplest type of pumps out there. The boot or sleeve have only one chamber, that inflates and deflates. These pumps are the least effective of any compression pumps on the market. They require much more use per day than other, more advanced types. There are also the least expensive pumps to be found. For detailed information click Non-segmental Lymphedema Pumps.

What is lymph?

Some Lymphedema pumps come available with either Half Leg Boots, Full Leg Boots, or Arm Sleeves. While some Lymphedema Pumps only offer one size of boot or sleeve, Advanced Rehab Technologies offers many different brands of Pumps. We can fit anybody, of any size. We have some boots and sleeves that are adjustable in size. We can also have custom made garments made for patient of special needs. We have fit patients whose measurements have exceeded 45 inches around at the thigh. That is not a typo, 45 inches around one thigh. For detailed information click Segmental Lymphedema Pumps with calibrated gradient pressure.

Segmental Lymphedema Pumps

These pumps are somewhat better than the non-segmental type pumps. They typically have three or four chambers that inflate sequentially. The sequential action of these pumps is much more effective than the inflation of a single chamber pump. Examples of these pumps are the Huntleigh Flowpress, and the Bio Compression 2004 For detailed information click Segmental Lymphedema Pumps.

Bio Compression Systems, Inc., is the manufacturer of the highest-quality line of pneumatic compression therapy equipment.

Segmental Lymphedema Pumps, with calibrated, gradient pressure

These are the most sophisticated type of pumps. The advantage of this type of pump is the adjustable, gradient action of the compression. The pressure in the sleeve or boot is the greatest at the point farthest from the body. Each chamber has slightly less pressure as it gets closer to the body. This means that the edema in the limb must move towards the body because the pressure behind the edema is greater than the pressure in front of it. The pumps also have an advantage that the pressure can be changed, or tailored in each individual chamber of the sleeve.

This provides much greater flexibility in treating Lymphedema. Areas on the limb that are sensitive to pressure can have the pressure alleviated from that site. For detailed information click Calibrated Pumps.

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